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Mary Stuart tells the story of the personal struggle between two extraordinary women - Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots - both captive to the demands of sovereignty and both caught in a tumult of political and religious intrigue.


Which of them is the rightful Queen of England - Mary Stuart or Elizabeth Tudor?


Mary Stuart, written in 1800 by Friedrich Schiller, is presented in this thrilling new version by British playwright Mike Poulton. 

Pigeonholed puts a more unique spin on it still,

with an all-female cast of 10 performing nearly 20 roles.


"What's looser than the tongue of an unmanned woman?"

-Lord Burghley, Act I


Elizabeth I: Maggie Hood

Mary Stuart: Sasha Lazare

Lord Burghley: Marlena Holman

Earl of Leicester: Fiona Rae Brunner

Sir Amyas Paulet: Rashidah Bernay Fowler

Edward Mortimer: Caitlin Cimino

Earl of Shrewsbury/Drugeon Drury: Nettie Chickering

Margaret Kurl/William Davison: Allison Houser

Count Aubespine/Melville/Page: Alice Rothman-Hicks

Hannah Kennedy/Count Bellievre/Earl of Kent/Officer: Emily Rellis


Director: Justin Cimino

Producer: Allison Houser

Stage Manager: Emily Hawkins

Costume Design: Isabelle Coler

Set + Props Design: Susannah Hyde

Lighting Design: Sammy Jelinek

Sound Design: Justin Cimino

Movement: HannaH Allen

Publicist: Andrea Alton/Alton PR

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