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march 5-8

580 Sackett st



Eve: Triana Jackson

Adam: Phil Rosen

Biggie: Massimo Lozza

Snakeyes: Enrique Huili

Lady 1: Kristen Tomanocy

Lady 2: Sasha Lazare


Written by Caitlin Cimino

Directed by Justin Cimino

Associate Produced by hawkhouse (Emily Hawkins and Allison Houser)

Stage Managed by Liza Penney

Lighting Design by Elizabeth M. Stewart

Set, Props, and Costume Design by Brendan Olson

Fight Choreography and Intimacy Direction by Emily Rellis

EVE tells the story of Adam and Eve—the real story—the one that didn’t, and couldn’t get written down. After an epiphanic taste of forbidden fruit, Eve sets off to prove that as the First Woman, she is meant for more in this life than mere procreation.


In The Garden, after a domestic scuffle, Adam is not in good shape, and Eve sets off to convince “Biggie”, “Snakeyes", and others of what she already knows to be true: that as the first woman, she should get to choose her purpose on earth. She should get to choose the way her story is told, and how she’s remembered - especially by women - for all time.

This work was developed, in part, with support from Theater Mitu’s Artists-At-Home Program.





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