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Support Pigeonholed.

As we operate mainly off of individual donations, we are so grateful for all of your support. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Visit our fundraising link HERE to learn more and give!

We thank you!

Our Past Donors

Katherine Amoresano
Barbara Anderson
Chad Anderson
June Ares
Merrie Atlas and Jeff Stanzler
Annie Avery and Alison Gross
Claudia Bantel
Emily Bantel
Rick and Deann Bayless
Kathleen Beardmore and Bob Skon
Jake Beckhard
Rebeca and Alberto Behar
Ruth Behar and David Frye
Kaitlyn Biancaniello
Thomas Bosco
Lucy Braid
Gerri Brioso
Jocelynn Catasus
Maureen Cavanaugh
Dawn Solari and Robert Cimino
Caitlin Cimino
Billie Ochberg and Sandro Cinti
Trent Collier and Teresa Fulimeni
Kelsey Coughlin
Jesse Richards and Joseph Curtain
Caitlin Dabbs
Emily Daly
Nico Daniele
Susan DeBauche
Katharine Errickson
Katie Fanning
Carrie Fonder and Lawrence Lazare
Rachel Francisco
Lynn D'Orio and Theresa Gratscht
Susan Gelman
Karen Gorzynski
Kelly Granito and Alex Whatley
Tim & Loretta Grimes
Sarah Grosman
Morgan Hammel
Hasmik Harutyunyan
Jennifer Hensel
Kenneth Hicks
Maggie Hood
Jenny Hoofnagle
Sandy Ryder and Attila Huth
Daniel Iammatteo
Guido Iammatteo
Alyssa Ray Jacot
Kathy Kearney
Kristin Kern
Ashley Layton, Margie Kolatac, and the Board of the Igloo Collective
Mary Beth & Clayton Lewis
Alice Licata
Margaret Liston
Devin Lloyd
Tom Steppe and Cassie Mann
Hannah Manziano
Nicole Matarese
Caitlin McCarthy
Maria McNaught
Jeannine Mercurio
Jeanne Merritt Hertrich
Trevor Mulchay
Pete Niedbala
Larry & Mary Louise O'Connell
Cheryl Oram
Lou Patane
Suzi Peterson-Steward and Matt Steward
Bryce Pinkham
Jan Polish
Brian Pollock
Ilene Procida
Max Rasmussen
Emily Rellis
Quinn Roberts
Lucas Rooney
Alice Rothman-Hicks
Zach Rothman-Hicks
Kate Schutt
Emma Steppe and Sam Seaver
Angela Stires
Amy Stringer
Marcus Swift
Angie Tennant
Madeline Thiry
Paula Trinchera
Seth Wallin
Rebecca Wener
Beth Wladis
Caitlin White
Deborah Wood
Annie Worden
Mona Zeftel
Jeffrey Zinbarg

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